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Welcome to DaeLuin on behalf of the community and staff!
DaeLuin is a freeform forum-based RPG set in a realm of spell casting and swordplay. Gods and Goddesses walk beside mortals, heroes battle for glory, and airships, floating cities, and ancient ruins are the norm. Opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Our top priority is your happiness, and we strive to keep our members entertained and having fun. Our leveling system, battle arena, and numerous shops are sure to keep you interested. Out-of-character forums provide a relaxed place to chat about anything, even if role-playing is not your primary interest.
So come and join over 9000 members, have fun, and see where your imagination takes you!




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Spirits of Earth

Recent Announcements

I know you've all been waiting very patiently. but now is the time for all good sentient beings to come to the aid of the party. For the GGA are in need of another member and it could be you!!!

The position that is open is not quite as set in stone as usual, for the Gods and Goddesses each simultaneously occupy two spheres of influence. Strength and Order are the ones that have most recently been vacated, and I won't lie that they are primarily what we are looking to fill, but we will consider other suggestions/combinations if they make sense and do not conflict w... Read More

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Something is happening! *EASTER EVENT!! [Updated 14/4/2014]

Messengers have been travelling from city to city spreading warnings about an unknown group of travellers. It is advised for the moment to stay away from the group of strangers as very little is known about them and eye witnesses have reported some strange sights.

Carts filled with brightly coloured eggs have been seen heading towards the Land of Mist but even stranger still has been the cries of unknown animals in the surrounding area yet no animals have been seen roaming through the mist.

Spies from Mooncrest have been dispatched to investigate the unusual occurrences further. They are due to report back with... Read More

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Earthquake Alert!!!! [Earth Event 2014 UPDATED]

Minor earthquakes are commonly occurring across Minya Amar. No major damage is being caused but it is clear that something big is happening.
What can it be? Is Jaci the cause?

Local oracles believe the change will finish in three to four days!

You will just have to wait and see!

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General Changes
Mendean has given up Strength to beocme the god of Chaos and Wisdom. The 'Follower of' categories will change, but not until after the next GGA is selected, so please bear with us.

Thank you for your patience.

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General Changes
We regret to inform you that the goddess of Chaos and Order, Amarice, has been demoted.

Applications will begin in early April, with updates on the nature of the position available posted here.

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General Changes
Optimized the DL tables to make it run a little better.

Made it so when viewing a PPT thread, if you are unable to access it it will still mark the thread as read.

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Last Stand of the Winter King - Winter Event
Unbeknown to weary fighters the World Tree has been floating towards the Citadel of Frost Giants, high in the sky hidden by the thick snow of the Blizzard. The all out assault on the Winter King has taken its toll. His power is weakening and as he weakens so does the strength of the Blizzard making the great tree visible to the fighters below. The World Tree now hovers directly above the Citadel and it's in grave danger!!

Donít give up now!!! If the World Tree is destroyed then li... Read More

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Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.
Kaerue is under attack! Magic is faultering within.
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Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.
Kaerue has beaten the spawns and restored magic.
Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.