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Welcome to DaeLuin on behalf of the community and staff!
DaeLuin is a freeform forum-based RPG set in a realm of spell casting and swordplay. Gods and Goddesses walk beside mortals, heroes battle for glory, and airships, floating cities, and ancient ruins are the norm. Opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Our top priority is your happiness, and we strive to keep our members entertained and having fun. Our leveling system, battle arena, and numerous shops are sure to keep you interested. Out-of-character forums provide a relaxed place to chat about anything, even if role-playing is not your primary interest.
So come and join over 9000 members, have fun, and see where your imagination takes you!




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Spirits of Earth

Recent Announcements

Halloween Event!
Rumours are being spread across DaeLuin about a dangerous group of people setting up camp in a clearing in the Eastern Forest. Howling and screams can be heard miles away from the clearing and only the bravest of knights were willing to investigate. Reports state that the unusual shaped tents are covered in cobwebs and all sorts of weapons are hanging from the trees. A massive bonfire was built in the centre of the clearing and one knight insists that he saw a wolf-like creature cooking a human foot on a stick.

The knights continued to venture into the forest for the next several da... Read More

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{World Event} ~Restless Waters~

Calling All Daeluiners!!!

It would appear that the avatar of water has gone on strike due to personal circumstances!!!
This is going to cause some major problems for Daeluin!

The true warriors who battle the storms and depths of the deep will be rewarded with special treasures. But be careful! That deep breath you take before you dive into the waters could be your last!

Will the Avatar of Water ever resume her responsibilities and take control over the oceans once more? Only time will tell…

Plot Thread

[url=http://www.daeluin.net/viewtop... Read More

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Couple of Changes
Jaci (Kim) has decided to step down as Avatar of Earth. As such, applications will be announced sometime soon by Century. This gives everyone who is interested some time to plan ideas, and get their activity up.

With Kim stepping down as an Avatar, she has taken up a role as one of the administrators. So I'd like to welcome Kim to the administration staff, and look forward to seeing what she comes up with!

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General Changes
The 'following' menu and people's set following has been updated:
Chaos & Order -> Chaos & Wisdom
Wisdom & Strength -> Strength & Justice

Mobile right side (forum) menu is fixed, and now works.
Moved the chatbox quick link on the left menu to the bottom.
Updated shop list page on mobile site.
Added trade to the mobile site.

Fixed the code blocking people from using 475 x 475 banners, as per the rules update.

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The Daeluin Refer a Friend Competition!! -{Closed}-

Sooooo ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I would like to announce to you all the opportunity to win lots of prizes!!

The competition is very simple! Refer a friend for a chance to win!

1st Prize: Undetermined amount of platinum + 1 x Level 3 Enchant
2nd Prize: 1 x Level 2 Enchant
3rd Prize: 1 x Level 1 Enchant

From the date of this announcement until the 1st of October 2014 all you have to do is advertise the site, refer a friend, post links online…anything you can think that advertises the site will enter you into the prize draw!
If you come up with an inventive/... Read More

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Summer Solstice Festival (and a storytelling contest!)
By Caitlin McKenna.

The summer solstice is quickly approaching, and to celebrate, the Avatar of Fire has decided to throw a festival. Included with the feasting, drinking, and games, it had been announced that there will be a storytelling contest. On the longest day of the year, the stories will be gathered together, and judged to determine which is the best. Come join the fun, and enter the contest to prove that you are the best! Given that this is a festival, there will be prizes, but you have to participate to find out what they are! Runya and Euryale will be... Read More

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Strange signs and portents!
The challenge goes out!

Trials of the magi!

Strange signs, omens and portents are seen all across the world of Dae Luin. Coloured lights in the sky, mutilated cattle, milk suddenly turning sour, birds flying backwards, snakes being born with two heads, flames suddenly burning blue, horses giving birth to monsters, indecipherable script appearing on walls. All this and more.

And then there are strange entities seen moving through the sky. Al... Read More

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Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.
Kaerue is under attack! Magic is faultering within.
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Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.
Kaerue has beaten the spawns and restored magic.
Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.